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Accessories 饰品/配件
Agriculture 农业
Chemical Industry 化学工业
Construction 建造业
Cosmetic Industry 化妆品行业
Dairy Industry 乳业
Extractive Industry 采倔工业
Fishery, Aquaculture and Inland Waterways 渔业,水产养殖和内陆养殖
Food, Drink and Tobacco 食品,饮料和烟草
Forestry, Wood, Pulp and Paper 林业,木材,纸浆和造纸
Health Industry 健康产业
Live Animals and Related Products 活生动物及相关产品
Meat Industry 肉类工业
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 机电工程
Media and Graphical Industry 媒体和图形行业
Plastic Industry 塑料工业
Sports Equipment and Sportswear 运动器材和运动服装
Textiles, Clothing, Leather 纺织品,服装,皮革
Toys and Games 玩具及游戏
Other (please specify) 其他(请注明)

Accessories 饰品/配件
Agrochemicals and pesticides 农用化学品和农药
Alcoholic beverages and spirits 酒精饮料和烈酒
Alternative health products 另类保健品
Apparel 服饰
Arts, crafts and needlework 工艺品,刺绣
Audio, visual and photography 音像,视像和摄影
Baby care 婴儿护理
Bathroom and kitchen utensils 卫生间和厨房用具
Bathroom appliances 卫浴用具
Building products 建筑产品
Cereals (including soy), leguminosae and their products 谷物(包括大豆),豆科和其产品
Cleaning and hygiene products 清洁和卫生用品
Clocks and watches 钟表
Cocoa and cocoa preparations 可可及可可制品
Coffee and coffee preparations 咖啡和咖啡制品
Dairy products (including butter) 乳制品(包括黄油)
Eggs and egg preparations 蛋和蛋制品
Electrical supplies 电器用品
First aid and wound care 急救和伤口护理
Fish, crustaceans and molluscs (fresh and frozen) 鱼类,甲壳类和软体动物(新鲜和冷冻)
Flowers and ornamental plants 花卉和观赏植物
Footwear (including sport shoes) 鞋(包括运动鞋)
Forestry derivatives 林业衍生物
Fragrances 香水
Fresh fruits and vegetables 新鲜水果和蔬菜
Furniture 家具
Games 游戏
Glassware (eyewear) 玻璃器皿(眼镜)
Handbags, belts and shoes 手袋,皮带和鞋
Herbs and spices (including tobacco leaves) 香草和香料(包括烟叶)
Home appliances 家电
Home textiles 家用纺织品
Honey (both natural and blended) 蜂蜜(天然和混合)
Households 家务管理
Jewellery 珠宝
Juices and vinegar 果汁和醋
Kitchen merchandise 厨房商品
Lawns and garden supplies 草坪和花园用品
Livestock 牲畜
Lubricants 润滑油
Meat products (fresh and frozen) 肉类产品(新鲜和冷冻)
Metal production 金属生产
Non-alcoholic beverages (including soft drinks and water) 非酒精饮料(包括汽水和水)
Nuts and nut preparations 坚果及坚果制品
Office furniture 办公家具
Oil, fuels and gas production 油,燃料和天然气生产
Optics, ear and prostheses 光学,耳朵和假肢
Other accessories (please specify) 其他配件(请注明)
Other agricultural products (please specify) 其他农产品(请注明)
Other chemical products (please specify) 其他化工产品(请注明)
Other construction items (please specify) 其他建筑项目(请注明)
Other cosmetic products (please specify) 其他化妆品(请注明)
Other engineering (please specify) 其他工程(请注明)
Other fishery (please specify) 其他渔业(请注明)
Other food products (please specify) 其他食品(请注明)
Other health products (please specify) 其他保健品(请注明)
Other live animal products (please specify) 其他活生动物产品(请注明)
Other plastic-like products (please specify) 其他塑料类产品(请注明)
Other soft goods (please specify) 其他软商品(请注明)
Other sport equipment (please specify) 其他运动器材(请注明)
Other (please specify) 其他(请注明)
Personal accessories 个人饰品/配件
Personal beauty, hygiene and care (including alternative beauty products) 个人美容,卫生和保健(包括替代美容产品)
Pets, animal and pets food 宠物,动物和宠物食品
Pharmacy products 药剂产品
Plastic and articles thereof 塑料及其制品
Plumbing/heating/ventilation/air conditioning 水暖/加热/通风/空调
Processed fruits and vegetables 加工水果和蔬菜
PVC 聚氯乙烯(PVC)
Roots and tubers (including potatoes) 块根和块茎(包括马铃薯)
Safety protection – DIY 安全保护 – 自制
Safety/security/surveillance 安全性/安全/监视
Sports equipment 体育器材
Sportswear 运动服装
Storage, haulage and containers 储存,运输和集装箱
Sugar and sugar confectionery 糖和糖果
Textual and printed materials 文字和印刷材料
Tobacco and tobacco preparations 烟草和烟草制品
Tools equipment – power 工具设备 – 电
Toys 玩具
Transport and automotive 交通运输及汽车
Vegetable oils and margarines 植物油和人造黄油



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